Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Garden Furniture Buying Guide ,When choosing garden furniture or any form of outdoor or patio furniture it is very important to choose the right set from the onset. Here at bornovi, we aim to not only advise you of the right choice of garden Furniture but also make sure the outdoor furniture you choose is right for you.

Aluminium garden furniture also features in our range which has a modern contemporary look and feel which is in line with the minimal design trend. The materials are highly durable, all-weather, low maintenance material that will look good throughout every season, year after year.

Why Choose bornovi Rattan Garden Furniture

An example of the Manchester Rattan Sofa Set

Invest in Quality

Highly Durable all-weather UV stabilised 100% PE rattan – The best outdoor synthetic material and the recommended grade for hot and cold climates. PE rattan is eco-friend as it is fully recyclable, unlike PVC and PU

Hand-woven and Texture

The rattan we use has a variety of different colour tones to give an authentic feel

Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Aluminium Powder Coated Frames

The aluminium frames we use on the furniture do not rust and combined with powder coating, the frames are well protected for long term use. Aluminium is dearer than steel as a raw material which also reflects on the overall price of the product

Adjustable Feet

Most of our furniture is equipped with adjustable feet on sofa sets and chairs which is ideal for uneven patio surfaces

Extra comfort cushions

Our cushions use sponges. The sponge is placed between the fillers, which provides more comfort

In House Designs

Our furniture manufactured with high-quality standards. bornovi has been supplying outdoor furniture for over 9 years. We import, warehouse and deliver direct to you. No garden centres, wholesalers or middlemen.

We do not believe in cutting costs to compromise on quality as we believe in supplying an excellent standard that looks the part and is long-lasting. It is possible to save up to 60% by changing features such as the framework material (from aluminium to steel), rattan material (PE to PU or PVC), construction (Seamless to Seamed flat-pack), design features (thinner arms, backs, open sections), cushion quality (from 230g to 180g), etc. At bornovi, we pride ourselves in the quality that we provide and we believe we have the best value garden furniture on the market.

What are the Plastics used for Rattan Garden Furniture

The main three plastics used for outdoor furniture are PE, PU and PVC. They are all 100% weather-resistant, resistance to mould, sun exposure and extreme temperatures, however, each material varies in properties that provide the best life expectancy for outdoor use.

PE rattan furniture

PE rattan furniture is used for many outdoor rattan products. PE(Polyethylene) is a thermoplastic resin, which means an item made with the material can be recycled, melted down and reformed into another shape. This means PE furniture is Eco-Friendly as it is fully recyclable. PE is also a tougher material than PU & PVC. A hard-wearing, durable plastic with excellent UV and mould resistant properties. It is still suitable for the British weather; however, we recommend covering the furniture during the winter months for added protection

What is Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium is a great material for various types of garden furniture, because of its excellent all-weather properties and timeless modern look. It features a robust yet lightweight construction which is durable and easy to clean. In addition, aluminium is a rustproof material that will last a long time

General Care and Maintenance

What is the best way to clean my Rattan Garden Furniture

Our rattan garden furniture is extremely easy to clean. Just use a soft sponge or cloth with lukewarm water and a non-scouring detergent, then rinse down with cold water using a bucket or garden hose

To extend the life of your garden furniture, all pieces should be properly cared for. We also recommend the use of a garden rain cover as this ensures the furniture does not get deteriorate and keeps it free from dirt and residue

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