Outdoor Dining Space Requirements

Outdoor Dining Space Requirements ،Whether you’re entertaining or just enjoying a cup of coffee and snack solo, there’s nothing quite like alfresco dining. An outdoor dining set lets you enjoy meals with family and friends while also taking in the view and fresh air. It’s perfect for friday afternoon cookouts with family, hosting dinner and drinks with close friends and many other forms of summertime entertainment that center around food and the outdoors! However, proper setup is key to making sure your outdoor dining set fits in your space while still accommodating your day-to-day needs, as well as your entertaining needs. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the right dining set based on your available outdoor space and seating requirements.
What to Consider for Your Outdoor Space

Furnishing an outdoor dining space can be as easy or as challenging as creating functional indoor dining spaces. The first step is simple enough. Measure the space you have allocated for outdoor dining. However, that’s not where it ends. Several other factors should be considered when choosing a dining set to meet your needs. Here are some basic questions to review when shopping for outdoor dining sets or building outdoor spaces:
• Consider space requirements for exterior door swings or the movable side of a patio sliding door.
• Identify clearance space for walkways
• Consider height requirements.
The Basic Layout
Patio sets come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and it’s important to measure your patio before selecting a set. When laying out spacing for outdoor dining furniture, you can start by following a simple rule. This general rule is to add 1 meter (36 inches) to each side of a table for general functionality with chairs and walkways. When working with smaller outdoor spaces, you may be able to select smaller chairs and plan on 0.5 meter for sufficient spacing.
Here’s a simple formula for your outdoor dining space:
Width of the table (in centimeter) plus 182 centimeters for chairs on either side of table = minimum space width
Length of the table (in inches) plus 182 centimeters for chairs on each end = minimum space length
Example: A 48-inch round table with four chairs requires: 90 centimeters for chair + inches for table + 120 centimeters for chairs on each end = minimum space length.
Standard Dining Set Sizes
Standard patio sets may range from three- to nine-piece sets, including a table and two to eight patio chairs. A three-piece bistro set is perfect for two people to drink and dine in a small space. A five-piece patio set or seven-piece patio dining set can meet the needs of many families and fit on a variety of outdoor dining spaces, from medium-size decks to poolside areas. For those with a large family or hosts who love to entertain on a regular basis, a nine-piece patio set may fit the bill.
In addition to the number of pieces of furniture in your set, you should determine the ideal shape of your patio table. Common options include round, oval, square and rectangular patio dining tables. Round tables are one of the most common shapes for outdoor dining, although standard oval, square and rectangular shapes are available to meet your style and space needs.
Here are some outdoor table sizes with related space requirements to help plan an outdoor furniture purchase. You may also want to use these examples as a guide if you’re planning to add a new deck, porch or patio to your home.
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